Dick Watson's Antique Bottle Collection Display is Awesome!

Left: Dick Watson - Right: Bruce Schank

Bruce Schank has just published the next subject in his most excellent LEGENDS OF THE JAR series. This time he spends some time talking to Dick Watson about Dick's truly huge and amazing antique bottle collection.

When he walked in to Dick's place, Bruce was a fruit jar collector. After seeing the beautiful rare museum-quality collection of all kinds of bottles that Dick has put together, Bruce just might be a bottle collector now, too.

I'm just adding a couple of pages of his 8-page article. You need to hop on over to Bruce's website, and click on the thumbnail pic of Dick Watson, and that will open up the entire article. Bruce has so many more pix, and it's a great interview. The pix will blow you away!

Thanks to Bruce for taking the time to document this wonderful collection, and to share this visit with Dick. More thanks to Dick Watson for letting Bruce, and through him, us, view his collection, and hear these bottle collecting stories.

The FinBotClub Blog is proud and happy to be able to share this with our readers.

Click on these pix to enlarge-- but it'll be even better to read the article here: LEGENDS OF THE JAR

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