Jeff Wichmann's Seminar

Jeff, the latest FOHBC Honor Roll addition is giving a talk about  "The State of the Bottle Hobby ".

“The current antique bottle market seems to have hit the new decade off and running. Although we’ve had decades where bottles were popular, the knowledge and experience of collectors in the hobby today is at a record pace. It has not only brought in a keener appreciation for the hobby, but apparently a bag full of money with it. Prices for the best of the best has never been greater and as we continue to gain more experienced collectors, I see no limit in sight. Oh, it’s still a very affordable hobby to pursue, but if the Tiffany of antique bottles is what you’re looking for, you’d be advised to bring your checkbook and have a load of cash to cover it. Ironically, these prices, as high as they’ve been, aren’t even comparable to the art, coin or stamp market. There’s no telling what could happen over the next decade.

“New blood like never before, knowledgeable new blood with a taste for caviar and champagne. The influx is a result of knowledge and of course, the fact that bottles sell themselves. There’s little to offer in the art, coin or stamp world that won’t pale by comparison. When one sees a window shelf lined with the color and hand-made history of antique bottles, it’s no wonder investors are seeing green. It’s not the addition of new offerings to the market as much as the limited availability of pieces that fit into that world of the very best. When a piece comes up, unlike even five years ago, it’s now every man for himself, the noble collector, if you will. There has always been the average example and there always will be, but it’s the one-known bitters or odd-colored historical flask that is finally getting its due respect.” ~ Jeff Wichmann, President, American Bottle Auctions -- --

From Marianne via my phone.

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