Antique Bottles Found on the Mormon Trail

[Editor's note: here's an amusing anecdote that came into the club's INBOX today.]
'Mormon Trail'by Pamela Powers on Dec. 11, 2010,

Back in the early 1980s, I interviewed an old rancher who lived in Dragoon, Arizona for a feature story about rural Cochise County.

His 1800s stone ranch house was decorated with rustic furniture, a smattering of family heirlooms, and a large collection of old glass bottles. Being somewhat of an antique buff myself, I remarked at the variety of old bottles he had collected. As I photographed him, his house, and the bottle collection, I asked where he had gotten them all.

"This house is on the Mormon Trail," he explained. "I found them all on my property."

"The Mormon Trail?" I inquired– thinking it was a migration route like the Oregon Trail or Cornado's Trail.

The grizzled old rancher chuckled, "The Mormon Trail is the route the Mormons took from St. David to the bars in Willcox. They didn't want their family members or church elders in St. David to know they had been drinking in Willcox, so they dropped the evidence– the alcohol bottles– along the Mormon Trail as they rode their horses back home."

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