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Here are some interesting items we have posted to our FinBotClub Facebook page recently. Come visit, and be sure to "Like" us!
First, though -- a reminder:
Columbus Bottle Show -- Sat. Feb. 19th! Mark your calendars! The 1st Ohio bottle show of the year is less than 2 weeks away.

Dealers -- call now to get your tables.

Bottle collectors -- plan to get there early and spend the day -- there's a big antique show next door too!
Details here:!/event.php?eid=185039808185573&index=1
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And now here's the Facebook Posts Round-up: 

Christmas in January -- Jeff K. shares some jars he unwrapped last night that were boxed up since he first started collecting, almost 20 years ago! Some were his Grandmother's.


Vintage photos of the Ball fruit jar factory --

American Digger Magazine would like to invite article submissions on bottles. Dating them, researching, cleaning, unusual or exceptionally old bottles, and especially dug bottles. Our writer's guidelines are on our web site. Or email for info:
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American Digger Magazine covers metal detecting, relic hunting, treasure hunting, antiques... 
[Hey, all you bottle diggers, this is your chance to tell your stories to the perfect audience!]
Jan. 24 -- Did you know that on this day in 1935 the first canned beer was sold? "Krueger Cream Ale" by Krueger Brewing Co. of Richmond. An invention that changed bellies forever.
Be sure to bookmark the BOTTLES page on Collectors Weekly. They show you the ebay listings WITH BIDS, as well as MOST WATCHED, or, my fave, COMPLETED THAT SOLD, meaning the reserve was met, there were bids, so it actually sold.

They have bottle sub-category pages too -- awesome site!
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Antique glass insulator page on Collectors Weekly -- great info resource, and track ebay auctions - pix!
Insulators were originally made to keep telegraph and telephone wires electrically insulated from wooden telephone poles (especially importa...
Another facebook page you should "Like" -- great bottles, and tons of educational info for collectors --
American Bottle Auctions was founded in 1990 by Jeff Wichmann. It began as a part time project and grew over the years. A native Californian, Jeff himself has been collecting antique bottles for nearly 40 years. What first was called Pacific Glass Auctions in 1990, chan...ged to American Bottle Auctions in 2001. American Bottle Auctions specializes in appraisal, brokering, consigning and auctioning of antique bottles and glass. Over the past 19 years, Jeff has personally researched the history, evaluated the condition, and estimated the value of tens of thousands of items. Aside from his auction-related duties, he is often called upon to appraise the value of antique bottles and glass for private individuals and businesses. Jeff 's interests include baseball, golf and bonsai, marbles, sports cars, along with a host of other pursuits, but his long-time interest in antique bottles is what concerns us here. In 1999 Mr. Wichmann published a 132-page, hard cover book entitled The Best of the West - Antique Western Bitters Bottles which has been handled by major literary distributors and book stores, as well as public and private libraries. This book is now considered to be one of the top resources for researching the history, and value of, antique western bitters bottles. His numerous articles and his photographs are regularly seen in antique bottle books and in articles throughout the world.
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Bottle collecting basics video - learn from the experts at American Bottle Auctions.

We'll be doing a series of informative videos detailing the elements that make up an antique bottle. First up, bottle bases and the differences between them. You'll learn about graphite, sticky ball, smooth bases, etc.
American Bottle Auctions video series pt2 -- I dentifying the types of bottle mouths/tops --
We'll be doing a series of informative videos detailing the elements that make up an antique bottle. Part two takes a look at bottle tops; applied tops, tooled tops, and even machine made tops.

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