Videos and Some Info for Bottle Collectors

Recent notes from our Facebook stream:
1) Great to see other bottle collectors here.

share your collecting experience with us.

2)  to Findlay Bottle Club via West Virginia Collectible Bottles Page
Excellent info about collecting bottles.
Price guides information and stories about antique bottles. Digger Odell Publications specializing in price guides and books for the old bottle collectors

Another great video from American Bottle Auctions -- cobalt Fish's Hair Restorer from San Francisco Glass Works -- did I say COBALT -- wow!

4) via The Contour BottleTrue history of the Coca Cola bottle.
Find out about the hours leading up to the creation of Coca-Cola's iconic contour bottle.

And last but not least, our favorite kind of find, Bottle Collecting in the News

5) A video clip about bottle collecting that ran on Fox News 8 of North Carolina. It features David Jackson and Gary Jones, showing some nice rare bitters and whiskey bottles. 

Here is the Link:


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