Bottle Collecting In the News - Grab Bag Edition - April 15

The INBox is filling up again, so here are some bottles-in-the-news tidbits.
Maybe not everything is specifically about bottles, but many things that apply to the general antiques biz are certainly important and applicable to bottle collectors and dealers.
KILLER Art photograph of a poison bottle
asrai's 365 Project photo for 15th April 2011 - day 105 "vapours"
Moxie soda pop has the best advertising & signs. See more pix and read the Antique Trader article:
Read about a great fruit jar collection - wow!
Rare Coca Cola & Dr Pepper items in Morphy's Auction

DENVER, Pa. – Over the weekend of April 29-30, 2011, Morphy Auctions will present a colorful array of fresh to the market antique toys, banks, adver...
Bottle collecting in the news: UK milk bottle collector. #antiques #bottles
Steve Wheeler found his first bottle in the mid 1980s and has even been forced to erect an 80ft shed to house his collection in Malvern, Worcs.
How appraisals work. Be informed before you hire an appraiser.
Appraisers are often asked questions about how the appraisal process works and whether or not an appraisal is even needed for their antiques and collectibles. Here are some short, informative answers to help demystify the mechanisms behind appraisals and the subsequent assignment of personal propert
Harry Rinker discusses why become an antique BOTTLE dealer.
In a previous column, I discussed three of the Top 10 reasons to consider becoming an antiques and/or collectibles show dealer. They were: • Reason No. 1: Become an independent business person; an entrepreneur; • Reason No. 2: The business adjusts to the time you have available; • Reason No. 3: Ex
Ebay sellers should read this - new rules about feedback.

Attention eBay sellers -- watch out if you have text in your listings that talks to your bidders about DSR-stars and suggesting to bidders to leave you positive feedback. EBay's changing the rules again. Ina Steiner from tells ...

Seen: a ‎1972 postcard with pic of a Bitters Bottles collection.


Findlay Antique Bottle Club

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