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The Findlay Bottle Club gives a warm welcome to Ferdinand Meyer V's great new bottle website:
| Your comprehensive resource for the latest antique bottle and glass news
The site is gorgeous, with lots of pix and good info about more than just exquisite rare bitters bottles. Ferdinand is covering the bottle collecting hobby, and bottle shows, and collectors, and more.
His most recent post features Ken Schwartz's Western Whiskey collection - or should we call it a museum? Wow!
Be sure to read all the posts in the already-growing archives.
The site is also set up for comments and conversations. Simply register (free, and only requires your email), and you are good to go.
Ferdinand says: 
"Please review and comment on our site with the understanding that we want to share bottle and glass news and keep you informed. We want to collect further information and respect all the great people we have met and helped us since we joined this community in 2002. Our great hobby is in a transitional stage and new collectors are needed. Information needs to be shared.'


Wanna see some more really purty bottles? Read Dar Furda's Morro Bay Bottle Show Report in the West Region Bulletin e-newsletter
PeachRidge Glass hosts the pdf here (thanks, Ferdinand) : 

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