#Antiques #Bottles in the News: Auburn CA Bottle Show Dec 2,3

The Sacramento Whiskey Collection Display of Steve Abbott
It''s always great when antique bottle collecting is in the papers, and bottle shows get promoted. And when collectors share their treasures with the public.
This is from the Sacramento Press:

"A slice of life in pre-Prohibition Sacramento was on display at the Sacramento County Historical Society's monthly meeting Tuesday night as saloon ware collector Steve Abbott gave a presentation on artifacts from the 1860s through the 1920s."

Abbott says:

"It's something that is identified with an experience people can relate to," he said. "It's the idea of the history of everyday life, rather than thinking of history as a series of dates and important people doing important things. History is also made up of regular people doing regular things."

The article shows a few more pix and also mentions:

"Those interested in antique saloon ware can see more of it at the upcoming 34th annual bottle show and sale put on by the 49er Historical Bottle Association in Auburn Friday and Saturday."

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