Christmas Came Early for American Bottle Auction

Santa came early for some serious antique bottle collectors. American Bottle Auction's Dec. 18 auction grossed $250,000.
Read the auction report here.
Top shelf prices for top shelf rarities like these:

Trademark Barkhouse Bros. & Co. Gold Dust Kentucky Bourbon western fifth ($28,000).

C.W. Stuart's Extra Kentucky Whisky bottle, amber reddish, one of only ten known ($11,760).

William H. Spears & Co. Old Pioneer Whiskey bottle with the two-name bear ($7,840).

Lafayette / Masonic 6 ½ inch half-pint flask, made circa 1815-1830, medium green ($15,120).

OPS Bourbon Whiskey fifth bottle, circa 1879-1885, graded 9.8, with super whittle ($12,880).

J. Moore Old Bourbon early western fifth from the mid-1870s, with embossed antlers ($14,000).
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