January 2010 Muncie Fruit Jar Show Report & Room Hopping Photos

Head on over to the Ball Jar Collector's site to read Joe Coulson's show report -- he covers some of the fun, as well as much of the more educational as[ects of the weekend. Yes, there was some scholarly activities going on too -- we mix business, learning, and pleasure.

And Brucie has added a whole bunch of room hopping and show pix -- people and jars -- check them out, too.

Mike Rutledge @ the show

Patty and Richard Elwood, FinBotClub members

Paul - who once walked the Appalachian Trail - over 2000 miles! Just to show you the things you find out when you have a chance to spend time together at a long casual event like the Muncie Fruit Jar Get-Together -- there's more to life than just jars! So be sure to plan on being at the Great Summer 2010 Muncie Fruit Jar Get-Together!

Mike Mosier

Don Burkett and Dave Eiffler

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