Vintage Christmas Beer Labels Bring Holiday Cheer

Happy Holi-Daze to all!

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Have a Snort with Santa: Rare Antique Bottles That Say Merry Christmas

In looking for the perfect Christmas bottle theme for this post, I couldn't do much better than to share John Pastor's collection which is featured in the December 2010 issue of the magazine Antique Bottle and Glass Collector.

These are some of the pix from the magazine, which is chock full of great color photos, and lots of great bottle collecting articles. John and his American Glass Gallery team are the new publishers of this great bottle hobby magazine.

Did you remember to ask Santa Claus for a subscription? Get all the details here.

See many more photos of the actual collection, taken by Ferdinand Meyer, here:

Merry Christmas from the Findlay Bottle Club!

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Big News for Ohio Bottle Clubs and Shows

3 Good Things to Know About Ohio's Bottle Show Roster

Thing One: Kudos to the Ohio Bottle Club's Alan DeMaison for his excellent job of revamping and revitalizing their club website. I know how much work it is to run a club website, but I also know it's a labor of love for Alan.

Check out the site here: Ohio Bottle Club

Things Two, and Three:
Ohio's got 2 new bottle shows!

OK, technically it's only one additional show, since one is a date/location move, but it's still great news for bottle collectors.

Here's how it goes: the long-running February Columbus Bottle Show put on by Joe Hardin has uprooted itself and moved to a new date and town, so it is now called the Wilmington Bottle Show and will be held in March.

Thankfully the hole in February's schedule was quickly filled by a new show, and although it will be held on a different date and at a different location than it's predecessor, it will still be called the Columbus Bottle Show.

Details and show flyers for both new shows:

Columbus Bottle Show
SUNDAY -- Feb. 8, 2015 -- 9am - 2pm -- $3
Doubletree Inn, 175 Hutchinson Ave., Columbus OH
Top of the Beltway / I-270 and Rt. 23 (map)
Rojer Moody
Clark Wideman

Wilmington Ohio Bottle Show
Sunday -- March 22, 2015 -- 9am - 3pm -- $4
The Roberts Centre, Wilmington OH 
123 Gano Rd, Wilmington, OH 45177 
At I-71 and Rt. 68 (map)
Jamie Houdeshell

You may very well remember the Roberts Centre as the excellent location of the 2010 FOHBC National Bottle Show. It's a huge venue, brightly lit, perfect for bottle shows.

See the FOHBC's bottle show calendar here:

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A Round of Applause ~ 2014 Findlay Bottle Show Photo Album

The 2014 Findlay Bottle Show was a huge success. 

The new location was wonderful. It was great to have so much space! Wide aisles + great lighting + lotsa bottles = collector heaven!

We had 80+ dealer tables, with such a great variety of merchandise. That's several more dealers than last year, with just about the same number of paid admissions as last year, plus some serious Early Bird hunters. And the crowd stayed around longer, too, since a large dining area came with all our extra space, with plenty of comfortable seating, so everyone could grab a snack, rest a little, and then get back to shopping. And visiting, of course! It's about the friends as much as the bottles, right?!

We couldn't have done it without all the hard-working dealers, and hard-shopping collectors who came and made it such fun! A big Thank You to all who were there!

Our hard-working show chairman Fred Curtis deserves credit for pulling it all together and tweaking all the logistics and tiny details required of this great new location. Of course, so do all the club members, whose time and efforts brought the show off without a hitch. 

I'm sure the dealers and attendees join me in appreciating the club's efforts to grow and improve the Findlay Bottle Show.

A big round of applause for everyone!

We have already booked the Findlay Senior Center for the October 18, 2015 show, so mark your calendars now. It's going to be even bigger. Prediction: at least 100 tables, as we had so many people ask us about setting up. 

As always, we will ''release'' the contracts in May at the Mansfield Bottle Show. Info and contracts will be available here on the website after that show. Sign up for our newsletter so you will be in the know.

Here are some photos from the 2014 Findlay Bottle Show

My, how we've grown!

You can see how the Findlay Bottle Show was so much bigger than previous years. The showrooms were roomy, and well lit. We have room for many more tables, so think about setting up next year. It's so much fun during Saturday's dealer-only set-up and dinner. 

Whether you want to sell, or come to shop, we sure hope to see you on October 18, 2015!

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Devilishly Hot Stuff: Spicy History of Tabasco Sauce Bottles #Antiques

[Another rerun post in keeping with today's Halloween theme.]

To read: Cecil Munsey's article on the History of Tabasco (search his index for article #1283) with lots of info, photos of antique pepper sauce bottles, and great vintage advertising. Give it a read, and while you're there check out his many other bottle/history articles. Hot stuff!

Here's another article on the 


Learn more about pepper sauce, condiments, and other food bottles here: & Condiments
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