$100,000 Firecracker Flask Sets Record Bottle Auction Price - is the highest selling bottle at auction.

The Antique Trader Blog broke this news today: A new world record for the highest selling bottle at auction was set when Heckler Auctions sold a light blue bottle, dubbed the “Firecracker Flask,” for $100,620.

The bottle is referred to as the “firecracker flask” because of the names of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson embossed on the medial ridge of the flask, along with the date of 1776. Adams and Jefferson both died on the 4th of July 1826. This flask is in commemoration of that event.

The new record will beat the old record set by American Bottle Auctions of Sacramento, Calif., for the sale of a Bryant’s cone-shaped Bitters bottle. That bottle sold for $68,750, a record in 1999.

Read more details about the flask in the Antique Trader Blog post.

Love it when bottles make news -- and the Antique Trader will be running this story in their print edition, too.

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