Jamie Houdeshell - On the Road to Wellness

By now most everyone has heard that Jamie Houdeshell has been ill. He has finally received a confirmed diagnosis of his mystery ailment. It turns out to be some very bad mojo called HISTOPLASMOSIS.

Some of you bottle diggers may be familiar with this horrible virus. Jamie has been a bottle hound all his life, and apparently stuck his nose in the wrong place, as the virus spores are inhaled. I don't want to say more, because it's pretty yucky.

Jamie's wife, Cheri, and his parents, Jim and Mira Houdeshell, have been staying with him, and, as you can imagine, are relieved to finally have an answer, as well as very tired.

Cheri sent me an email with this message:

"... Let everyone know that it is a substantial case of histoplasmosis. Due to the injections he takes for his arthritis it was able to get a good foothold on his body.

The doctors are on the ball and treating him with the best drugs available. His white count is coming back up and that is a very good sign. He is being treated by specialists, they feel he will recover, but it is a slow recovery - he won't be back to full steam for a couple of months. I ask that people continue their prayers. ..."

Jamie's family also asks that we don't call, or try to visit, until they give the okay. Jamie needs his rest for now. I'll post any updates as I get them.

For now, I know you all join me in a big GET WELL SOON, JAMIE!

UPDATE SUNDAY 8/29/10 -- GOOD NEWS! Jamie's wife, Cheri, emailed to let me know that Jamie is feeling much better. The meds are doing their job, and he is likely to come home from the Henry Ford Hospital (Detroit) sometime next week. He'll probably be recuperating at his parent's home for a while, until he's really back on his feet.

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