People Pix from the Nat'l Show - by Bruce Schank

Bruce Schank has been nice enough to share a bunch of his photos from the National Show. I will add some of them to appropriate past and future blog posts, but here are some fun People Pix. Bruce is a fruit jar collector, and his circle of friends are too!

Here's Bruce Schank with Kay Rittenhouse.

Fruit jar collectors enjoying a meal: Ed and Deb Kincheloe out to dinner with Russ and Heidi Crupe.

Here's an artsy shot of Dan Corker with a reflection of Bo Trimble.

Another out-to-dinner group. Looks like it's more of the fruit jar gang: Joe Coulson, Phil Alvarez, Dick Behr, Dan and Judy Corker, Bo Trimble, Phil Smith, and Bruce Schank.

Here's Patty Elwood, pretending to pull her hair out. We know all the show details were well-handled, and she still has a full head of hair!

Here's my personal favorite pic - Bruce with Jeff Klingler ;-)

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