2010 Wilmington Ohio FOHBC National Bottle Show SOUVENIR PROGRAM is Online

Earlier, I thanked all the wonderful advertisers who supported our National Bottle Show by purchasing ads.

Now it's time to thank the folks who contributed articles to the souvenir program. A big THANK YOU to all of you!

First, let me thank JESSE SAILER for putting the program layout together, and handling all the printing details. You should recognize Jesse's name as the editor of the FOHBC's magazine, Bottles and Extras. Knowing what a great job he does with that magazine, as well as his other magazine and auction catalog projects, it is no surprise that the program came out looking so professionally done.

I worked on selling the ads, and recruiting the article contributions, and literally sent Jesse bits and pieces -- images, and text chunks -- and he put them all together, arranged so nicely into the final product. My personal thanks to Jesse for being so helpful and friendly, and easy to work with.

You can read the entire program online in this pdf (minus the covers).

Now to thank our authors who contributed -- noted in the order their articles were published in the program:


TOM CANIFF for his LABEL SPACE EXTRA article about some Ohio paper-labelled food product jars and bottles.

BILL LINDSEY for letting me take a page about LIQUOR and SPIRITS BOTTLE SHAPES from his excellent Historic Glass Bottle Identification website. 

BRUCE SCHANK for his article, THE LOWLY BALL JAR. Bruce is the author of the wonderful LEGENDS OF THE JAR series, profiling Fruit Jar collectors.

Bruce Schank, holding the souvenir program.

JOE TERRY for his article CABIN FEVER, about the rare Tiffin, Ohio AMERICAN LIFE BITTTERS bottle.

GARY BEATTY for his memoir, titled THE CONGREGATION, in which he writes about special and rare bottles that have been found in Ohio, as well as some special and rare bottle collectors who hail from Ohio.

With a focus on midwest bottle shows, Mary writes about the early shows, and lists many of the collectors she has known over the years when she collected bottles with her husband, Paul.

Again -- a big THANK YOU to all these generous authors. You can read the program online HERE.

Also included in the program is FOHBC HALL OF FAME ROSTER with all the names and bios of the honorees, from 1981's Helen McKearin to 2009's Johnnie Fletcher.

The FOHBC HONOR ROLL list is also printed in the program, and includes this year's inductee, JEFF WICHMANN. Jeff is the President of American Bottle Auctions. He has been a bottle collector for over 40 years, and has been very innovative in his bottle auction business.

Jeff Wichmann at the National Bottle Show banquet awards ceremony.

There is one other list printed in the program: the FOHBC AFFILIATED CLUBS -- check it out if you are looking for bottle clubs in your area. Their contact info and email addresses are included in the list.

One list that did not make it into the program, is the list of dealers who set up at the show. I will post that here soon.

The last item from the program that I want to mention is neither article, list, or ad -- it is a mock-up photo of the fascinating new FOHBC project-in-the-works, the FOHBC VIRTUAL MUSEUM of AMERICAN HISTORICAL BOTTLES and GLASS. This is an online website that will be an amazing site, with pictures and information about rare antique bottles. It is in the planning and financing stages. Watch for details as they become available, here, and in the FOHBC magazine, BOTTLES and EXTRAS, and on the FOHBC website. Contact FERDINAND MEYER V for info or to make a donation pledge. 

I also want to thank my Mom, Carla Cushman, for all her help with scanning the business cards and several other items, so that I could edit them to our needs. You can read Mom's theater history blog, if you are so inclined -- STAGE WHISPERS.

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