Jar-tist Dave Dubé Creates Another Fruit Jar Masterpiece

From the club's InBox comes this image and note from our favorite JAR-TIST, Dave Dubé:

                    Have you ever listened to the Rock Opera Tommy, by The Who? Well, I did 'em one better - I'm a Pinned Ball Wizard - it's larger than lifesize, and you're getting a sneak peek. ;o)

Thanks for all you've done for me this past year. The attached is going to be my lobby show piece for the Western Heritage show in March. The scan really doesn't do it justice because a lot of the color is washed out, but I think you'll get the idea.

The Best Wishes for Health, Happiness and a Prosperous & Blessed New Year!


Dubé Cachets & Old Paper Art

 Thanks, Dave! We always enjoy your bottle, fruit jar, and advertising art created on old paper/ephemera. So beautiful and original. Best of luck at the art show!

Congrats, too, on this great interview -- http://www.debbieoverton.com/2010/11/fresh-approach-interview-with-dave-dube/ 

And while we're on the subject of JAR-TISTS, check out Sally Tharp's website -- she paint giant canvases full of bottles and ball jars -- 5' x 4' -- we are talking huge! http://sallytharp.com/works/449641/peeking-through

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