Muncie Club Meeting Well Attended

Here's Dave Rittenhouse getting the meeting started. Big crowd, standing room only. Can't wait to see what everyone brings for show and tell, and the auction.

Click the pix to enlarge. From my  phone.

Updated: Here are some more meeting pix -- some of the show-and-tell items.

This is only about 2/3 of the crowd.

Bill Burgess and his BIG jar.

Don Burkett with a lovely teal wax sealer.

Doug Griggs with a rare jar, full of old scary fruit. It was a Kline proprietary jar embossed  with L&W on one side, and Manufactured for Rice and Burnett, Cleveland Ohio on the other side.

Ron Ashby

Tom Sproat with some Civil War era jars.

The entertainment portion of our afternoon was provided by the running gag between Bruce Schank and Larry Wheeler, carried over from last winter's show. This is Bruce getting back a little at Larry, and presenting him with the commemorative UN-INFORMED hat. Don't ask -- you had to be there!
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