Ohio's Historic Coca Cola Bottlers Bottling Works

Joe Clevenger takes a look at the history of Coca Cola bottlers and bottling works in Ohio, and describes many of their bottles.

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Vintage bottle from The Findlay Coca Cola Bottling Co. Ohio.


Southway Beverages ACL soda pop bottle, bottled by the Findlay Coca-Cola Bottling Co.

Southway was a Coca Cola product, bottled by other Coke bottlers too. The Findlay Coca Cola Bottling plant is still in operation. 

Here's a QUALITY BEVERAGES bottle from Lima, Ohio's Coca Cola Bottling Works, that has lots of embossing. The works is still operating, with a nicely maintained brick building with a bright red painted sign, and cool architectural elements that include the iconic bottle.

(See on google maps street view - link.)

Read about the history of Coca Cola, and see the earliest paper labeled bottle here: Earliest Coca Cola Bottle Rare Labeled Pemberton's French Wine Coca Sold for $13,000 - link.

Read about the Coca Cola bottle prototype that lost the 1916 design contest to the now iconic hobbleskirt bottle. Link.

More info links:
  • The Coca Cola Company website's history of bottling - link.
  • The Wikipedia page for the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant in Cincinnati, Ohio - link.
  • Cleveland's Coca Cola Bottling Company history - link.
  • On earlycoke.com, a photo gallery of several Coca Cola bottling works - link.

Thanks again to Joe Clevenger for contributing his articles. The club really appreciates it!

Any other bottle historian authors interested in being published here?
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