$25,000 for Rare Pink Lutz Glass Marble - Marbles Morphy Auction #antiques #vintage #toys

A rare pink swirl "Lutz" glass marble handmade in Germany sold at a Morphy auction on Oct. 20, 2012, for $25,800. The marble set an auction record for a marble less than 1 inch in diameter. It was in mint condition. - via Kovels

Here are some of the other high bids from Morphy's Marble Auction (link):

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538Rare Pink Opaque Lutz Marble with Green Lines.
Pink opaque lutz with green lines. We have never seen this color combination before. Extremely rare lutz marble.
Condition (9.7). Size 7/8" Dia.
Estimate: 8,000.00 - 12,000.00
25,800.00 USD

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664Rare Pink Opaque Lutz Marble.
Pink opaque base with baby blue lines. Extremely hard-to-find marble. Surface has an as-made hot spot and one small chip.
Condition (8.9). Size 25/32" Dia.
Estimate: 3,000.00 - 6,000.00
11,400.00 USD

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699Christensen Agate No. 1 World's Best Guinea Box.
Includes 25 guinea marbles; ten with cobalt bases and 15 with clear bases. The clear base marbles include three cyclone guineas. Hard-to-find box set of marbles. Box top has some staining and wear to corners and box bottom is in great condition with original wax paper and cotton ...
Estimate: 7,000.00 - 9,000.00
8,400.00 USD

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13Large Peppermint Ribbon Marble.
Very rare to find in this size and condition. Well made with nice even twist to ribbon.
Condition (9.7). Size 1 - 19/32" Dia.
Estimate: 2,500.00 - 4,000.00
7,800.00 USD

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333Christensen Agate Black Opaque Guinea Marble.
Black opaque base with spotting of pumpkin orange, baby blue, yellow, and some lavender. This is the only black opaque base guinea we have ever seen. Single pinch line marble originated; from a factory worker that took it home; we call this a "Lunch Box Guinea". This marble is pictured ...
Estimate: 3,000.00 - 5,000.00
7,800.00 USD

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663Outstanding & Large Blue Glass Banded Lutz Marble
Dark blue transparent base with white lines. Spectacular marble. Slight cold roll marks from pontil to pontil gives the marble great character. No surface chips and nice wet look.
Condition (9.6). Size 1 - 7/64" Dia.
Estimate: 3,000.00 - 5,000.00
7,200.00 USD

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320Christensen Agate Tear Drop Guinea Marble.
Cobalt base with lavender, baby blue, and tangerine orange. This is the only true 3/4" tear drop guinea that we have seen. Single pinch line guinea was obtained from an original factory worker who brought it home; we call these "Lunch Box Guineas". This marble has been photographed ...
Estimate: 4,000.00 - 6,000.00
6,600.00 USD

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361Large Peppermint Swirl Marble.
Extremely hard-to-find large peppermint marble. Surface has wear and scuffing but no major chips. This is the largest peppermint in the best condition we have ever seen.
Condition (8.85). Size 1 - 1/2" Dia.
Estimate: 2,000.00 - 3,000.00

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