Findlay Club Meeting Notes - Bottle Show Gets Early Bird

Findlay Club Meeting Notes
Among the club business we dealt with at the meeting, there were some important items of note. 
  • The next meeting, on Sunday April 10th, will be our annual Club Dinner. The club will be buying dinner for the members and their families. The dinner will be at 6pm, at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Findlay ( 1843 Tiffin Av, across from the mall - map/directions )
  • Everyone is welcome. Non-club members will have to pay for themselves. We will reserve the large "private" dining room. Email me if you plan on joining us, so we can get a ball-park head count. ( )
  • We will enjoy the food, the friends, and have a Show'N'Tell session, so bring some treasures.
  • Motion was made and passed that we add EARLY BIRD admission to our October 16, 2011 show.
  • Early Bird admission will be SUNDAY ONLY, from 7am to 9am, for just $10.
  • There will NOT be Early Bird admission on Saturday.
  • Saturday remains a dealer-only set-up day, with our famous BBQ & Chicken dinner.
More about our October 16, 2011 show:
  • Sales contracts for the show will be made available at the Mansfield Bottle Show in May, and tables will be sold on a 1st-paid basis.
  • If you won't be at Mansfield, contracts will be available online, to print out, or you may email me ( ).  
  • Remember, we sold out quickly last year. Sure hope Mother Nature smiles on us again. Last year we had such nice weather that we had quite a few outside dealers.
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