Vintage Advertising - Hancock Brick & Tile Co - Findlay Ohio Items Show'n'Tell

Here's a neat item on eBay now. It's a colorful graphic design of red bricks and sewer tiles on an advertising blotter card from the Hancock Brick & Tile Company.
Research notes:
This one was easy, thanks to the Syracuse University's "Plastics History" website.
Another company that is important in Findlay's history.
In 1903, the Child Brick and Tile Company purchased their local competitor, Dorney and Harris, and The Hancock Brick & Tile Company was created. It was incorporated in April, 1905.
The company is still in business, and in 1974 the name was changed to the current one, HANCOR. They now make plastic tile/pipes, instead of brick.
Read the article The Heritage of Hancor
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