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All Bottlers -- Despite the highest gasoline prices in the history of the show, $3.50 per gallon in the St. Louis area, both the exhibit area and the dealer area were filled to capacity. The Sunday show, traditionally the third Sunday in March, still had a normal attendance figure, just below 400 (?).

An astonishing array of local Anheuser Bush pattern bottles were brought in and shown by soda dealer, Jack Roberson. Some of the bottles were made of solid glass, but most were made of modern acrylic plastic. “They were made as concepts prior to production release. Both the shape and the glass color were being tried. Some of the bottles include new labeling ideas as well,” Jack revealed.

His dealer table was mobbed by many customers who are brewery collectors surprised by this amazing estate discovery!

A very rare label-under-glass grape soda bottle was offered from the turn of the last century. It is from California for a product called GRAPINE, which was produced from about 1905 to 1910, according to dealer Henry Tanhausley, of Tulsa, Oklahoma. At that time you could buy soda syrup in glass bottles and use it for medicinal purposes from a pharmacy. The sparkling mint bottle went unclaimed at $525.00.

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