Fruit Jar Collectors Summer Bottle Show Muncie IN July 7,8,9 #antiques

Latest News About the SUMMER Muncie FRUIT JAR ROUND-UP Bottle Show

The Jar Fairy's Lawyer has worked a little magic, and there are some hotel rooms available. But you need to call and make your reservations now! -- 765-284-4200.

More good news!  The Signature Inn's manager, Jeff Bryan, tells us : ''All hotels in Muncie/Delaware County are going 100% smoke-free in July.'' So, there will not be any ''smoking'' rooms. (I do not know how the ex-smoking rooms will be de-smelled.)

We'll all be at the Signature Inn, July 6-10, with room-hop-shopping every day, and talks, discussion groups, club meetings, the auction, and more on Thursday through Saturday. Hotel breakfast every morning.

Don't forget Greg Spurgeon's Bargain Cave (upstairs!), Other dealers will be setting up their sales table upstairs, too. And Jeff Klingler's bringing his Bargain Barn jars. We're talking deals here, folks!

There's also the famous Hospitality Room with food and drink on Thursday and Friday. And oh yes, Floating Cocktail Parties may occur at any time.

Another special event will be the release of Jerry McCann's long-awaited updated edition of the long-out-of-print-but-this-version's-way-better-anyway The Standard Fruit Jar Reference. A wonderful addition to your fruit jar reference library.

Also confirmed, Tom Caniff of 'Fruit Jar Ramble' fame, will be giving a talk on his passion, Paper Labeled Jars. He has spent years collecting, researching, and writing about the interesting labels on and products once sold in these jars. There's bound to be some rare beauties in his illustrative examples. I can't wait to see them.

Jerry and I want to give a big THANK YOU to John Pastor for running a full page color show ad in his most-excellent magazine, Antique Bottle & Glass Collector. His help is greatly appreciated. Bottles are big business these days, and it's nice that the hobby-factor is still strongly supported.

*** And please remember that if you can't get a room at the Sig-Inn, you can stay nearby, and come and hang out with us all day and into the night -- for free. We'll even feed you, and give you a table to sell from, so no excuses -- be there!
Signature Inn 3400 N Chadam Lane Muncie, In -- 765-284-4200 for hotel reservations.
Marianne Dow for info -- / 419-455-1112

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