2011 Findlay Bottle Show Photo Album Scrapbook

2011 Findlay Antique Bottle Show

Woo-hoo! What a fun show it was! A BIG THANK YOU to everyone involved!

It takes a village to put on a bottle show. Thanks goes to:

  • Fred Curtis, the Show Chairman, who magically pulls it all together, from printing and passing out the contracts, and handling the table sales, to coordinating the club members, and cleaning it all up at the end. Well done, again, Fred!
  • All the Findlay Antique Bottle Club members who pull together to make the show go off so smoothly -- what a great bunch of folks I am proud to call my friends!
  • All the friendly dealers who bring their treasures and smiles to share with everyone, and make it all worth doing again each year! 
  • The collectors who attend on Sunday, and are much more than customers -- they are friends and we look forward to seeing them every year. And miss them when they skip a year!
  • This year's Guest Speaker, Dr. Quentin Skrabec, who entertained us at our dealer dinner with stories of Toledo's glass innovators, the Mr.'s Libbey and Owens. (See a video clip and read more about Dr. Skrabec here.)
  • Our sponsors -- the folks at The Old Barn Auction House who faithfully rent us the building every year -- Blackburn Press book publishers who donated bottle price guides for our door prizes. And Jerry Pore, who donated the candy for the door prizes (those went first!).
  • Also want to thank all the antiques magazines, trade papers, websites and bottle collecting hobby enthusiasts who wrote about our show, and listed us in their show calendars -- we appreciate the support.
This year we tried some new things.

  • The guest speaker at dinner was very intersting. We're looking for someone for next year -- anyone have a suggestion?
  • We had Early Bird admissions on Sunday morning. From what I saw and heard, I'd say that was a big success. We have a few bugs to work out, and have a list of suggestions from the dealers that we will discuss at our club meetings.
  • Also, we enjoyed having the Jelly Jammers Club join us -- hope they'll be with us again next year!
  • Oh, and it was Parker Higby's birthday -- so here's a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to him!

I did some in-the-moment blogging on Saturday that included pix of setting up, the Jelly Jammers Club meeting, and the dinner talk, so if you'd like to see those photo-posts again:

  1.  http://finbotclub.blogspot.com/2011/10/findlay-bottle-show-dealer-set-up-has.html
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  5. http://finbotclub.blogspot.com/2011/10/findlay-bottle-show-dealer-dinner-guest.html
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  7. http://finbotclub.blogspot.com/2011/10/ok-just-few-more-pix-from-tonight.html
And now here are the photos from this year's show -- hope they kinda give you a feel for what it was like. But even though a picture's worth a 1,000 words, they don't convey the fun, and excitement of BEING THERE. Also, I snapped these pix before we opened to the public at 9am, so they don't show the nice crowd we had all morning. And they don't show the happy shoppers, running packages out to their cars, and coming back for more good buys!

If you were there, you know. If you weren't there, please join us next year!

Fred Curtis - Show Chairman

(Click the pix to enlarge.)

The rain held off long enough for a few dealers to do some business outside.

New club member, Gary Kline, the man with the booming voice!

Here's a thorn between 2 roses (jk, Brucie!)  -- Larry Munson (who drove all the way from Montana!), Bruce Schank (Legends of the Jars author), and Joe Coulson (the Midwest Fruit Jar Club's newsletter editor) -- all 3 are fruit jar nuts!

Larry's wife, Hazel Munson - so glad to have met you, Hazel!

Jar-buds, Jeff and Bruce

Thanks again to everyone -- and see you at next year's show!
Marianne Dow

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