Candlish Bottle Works, East Durham U.K.

I keep an eye out for bottle related vintage postcards, and so this one came into view. Not a particularly attractive image, and not even a U.S. glassworks, but it intrigued me nonetheless.

Thanks to the internet, research this Bottle Works was a snap. I found all I needed to know on the EAST DURHAM SEAHAM BOTTLE WORKS website. Convenient, no?

The factory was actually called Candlish Bottle Works, and the town of East Durham grew up around it. John Candlish opened his bottleworks in 1853 and absorbed the nearby Fenwick's Bottleworks in 1856. When he died in 1874 his factory consisted of seven bottlehouses. The Candlish Bottleworks (1853 - 1921 ) demolished by 1950.

Here are a few pix. You can see more pix on their website.

During demolition.

During better days.

A wonderful parade display.

Bottles in the sample room.

Update from a reader, re the location:

The town where Candlish Bottle Works was located is Seaham, Co. Durham. It is an ancient town with an Anglo Saxon church dating from the 7th century just a half mile north of where the bottle works was located. It wasn't till the 19th century that the first coal shaft was sunk which brought industrialization and the therefore a convenient source of fuel for the bottle works to thrive. East Durham is a name to identify a geographical region of County Durham.
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