Jackson MI Bottle Show Report - Jan. 18, 2011

This in from Mike Elling:
Stunning Jackson, Mississippi, Show Again Grows Wall-To-Wall 
in Trade Mart Exhibition Center

It was perfect weather for a January bottle show, sunny and mild as 135 dealers loaded 225 tables with bottles, jugs, fruit jars, soda bottles, milks, and other advertising items at the Trade Mart Center in the Jackson Fairgrounds on Friday night, January 18, 2012. 

Supper was provided to all vendors and their guests and to early admission buyers.  When the day opened for the general public  the place was filled wall to wall!  An estimated 600 visitors and buyers came through to enjoy a show still done with free parking and free admission!

Several exhibits were presented, mainly by dealers who also specialize in historic studies of their own. 

Ancestry Dot Com people came in searching through bins of post cards and old family photos to find former images of places and things to add to their histories. 

Diggers came in to discuss strategies for finding new areas to dig and search. 

The granddaughter of the Opelika Chero-Cola Bottling Company in Alabama came to my table expressly to find examples of the bottles her grandfather used to fill (I had none with me, but there is one in my inventory)!

Key to this show is people giving one another free advice:  Microwave a Moon Pie Cream Sandwich for 11 seconds on HIGH for best results revealed one, and Confederate Tombstones are always pointed on top to keep the Yankees from sitting comfortable on 'em, volunteered another.

If observers gage this show as the start of a good year or a bad year for collectors, it looks like 2012 will be another success!

Photo Captions
  • Mike Elling of Tennessee, displayed a collection of Chero-Cola soda bottles from the state of Florida marketed from 1912 to 1947.
  • Alan Wright, of Huntsville, Alabama, is user friendly judging from the Coca-Cola poster on his table.  Dealers Terry McCarn, of Cullman Alabama, and Robert Sledge of Florence, Alabama, check it out.
  • Gordon Logan, of Calhoun City, Mississippi, takes a pause from sales of artifacts and soda bottles featuring Native Americans.
  • Ed Provine of Memphis (left), admires rare Chero-Cola "Daisy Buchanan" framed poster from 1926.  Daisy is a charmed character from the Scot Fitzgerald tragic love story of the Lost Generation following World War 1, The Great Gatsby.  A new film version starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, is to be released in December of this year.  New owner Carl Barnett of Georgia found the rare poster a calendar top, a bargain at $350.


And John Sharp writes in with this update:

The Jackson newspaper, The Clarion Ledger, put the pictures their photographer took on the web. I think you will enjoy them. LINK

The Show was very successful -- 251 tables, 139 Dealers, 600-750 walk-in on Saturday.

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