Terre Haute Bottle Show Reports and Photo Album - Nov. 19, 2011

Sent in by Mike Elling:

All Bottlers;  The Terre Haute bottle show seems to get better every year.  One of the draws this year was a Friday night auction which was well attended and held a wide variety of material.  Done for the benefit of the local club, there was a ten percent commission charged to the sellers.  This year the club cleared $180, which helps to contain dues rates and other types of expenses.

At Terre Haute, dealers want to carry Coals to Newcastle because people there are very conscious of their bottle making factories and the bottlers of their past.  There is always a demand for local glass, labels, advertising, and promotional items from this western Indiana city in the Wabash River Valley.

There were 44 dealer tables and 250 visitors on Saturday, who still enjoy a free admission to the Shadows Auction Barn up on Maple Street.  The 2-hour spirited auction sold over $1800 on Friday night.
  • A full set of six fire grenades peaked auction excitement
  • Notable for this show was the interest shown by young people who came curious and ready to browse.  That is Brandon Stepp helping his father at dealer table.
  • A large Coca-Cola icon of the 20th century was a 40-inch porcelain button.  Tagged at $500, it brought a swift $350 at auction.
  • Phil and Alicia Bennett study an early 20th century fire grenade won from the auction.  Filled with fire retardant, carbon tetrachloride, the thin glass container was thrown at the base of a fire to gain control over it.

This in from John Newman:

The dinner was ready on Friday evening at about 5PM when club members & bottle collectors started coming in for dinner & Auction. There was a lot of good items to w/a Coca-Cola porc. button sign 4ft in good cond, a Vicksburg hutch candy bottle which they said was the predecessor to Coca-Cola, many good fruit jars & bottles, Terre Haute beers & soda bottles.

We had 4 tables full of sale items & 13 fold-up Coca-Cola & Race car drivers cardboard displays. We had about 70 attending the Auction.

Saturday morning the doors opened at 7AM w/ dealers & earlybirds ready to go. We had 40 tables sold.

There was a lot of good items at the show and the customers were carrying out a lot of bags of purchases & smiling and so was the dealers.This may have been one of our better shows. And the auction was a success also.The customers started coming in early and was still coming in at 2PM closing time. The dealers were all happy. It was a good day. Everybody was looking forward to next year.

And a couple more pix from Ron Glasscock:

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