Kentucky the Owl Steals the Show - Columbus Bottle Show

Kentucky the Owl

The true star of the recent Columbus Bottle Show was not an antique. It was the most handsome Kentucky the Owl, who attended on the arm of his caretaker, our own fruit jar collector/biology professor Tom Sproat.

Tom and Kentucky put on an impromptu lecture and photo session for a large group of bottle collectors gathered outside the show venue. We even got to pose like tourists, with Tom holding Kentucky behind us so that it looked almost as if Kentucky were on our shoulder. Look at those claws/talons! I'm glad they weren't actually clamped on to me.

Kentucky on Marianne Dow, John Apple, and Diane Kuskie

Tom Sproat

Tom was on the road with Kentucky as the owl is part of a teaching program, and travels all over to schools and groups.

Here's some info from Kentucky's home, Gateway Community College in Covington, Kentucky.

  • “Kentucky the Owl” is a non-releasable Great Horned Owl who is covered under a US Fish & Wildlife Service education permit. Kentucky visits science classes at Gateway and K-12 schools in northern Kentucky.
  • Kentucky is from Medina County near Cleveland, Ohio, and has been at Gateway since Fall Semester of 2008.
Kentucky is also part of the "Critters in the Classroom” program run by BIOSE (Biology Integration and Outreach for Science Education (BIOSE) is a non-profit organization that serves the life science education needs for northern Kentucky and southwestern Ohio.) To schedule a program or contact BIOSE:
  • Dr. Tom Sproat e-mail: phone: (859) 363-1665
  • P.O. Box 15455 Covington, KY 41015
More Info and Links:
Here's a short video of Kentucky and Dr. Tom Sproat --

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