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"Joseph Ray Watkins founded Watkins Incorporated in 1868 from the kitchen of his home in Plainview, Minn. Made from camphor (extracted from evergreen trees) and capsicum (from red peppers), Original Liniment offered relief for tired, aching muscles. J.R. Watkins was so confident of his home-manufactured natural product that he introduced the now famous Watkins "Trial Mark" bottle, along with the first-ever money back guarantee." -- from -- read more there, and see the history timeline.

Still in business today, JR Watkins started by selling door-to-door, and his company became a huge success. - wikipedia

Interested in collecting vintage Watkins bottles and ephemera? Visit the JR Watkins Home museum in Plainview, MN.

Ron Manzow, volunteer curator at the J.R. Watkins home, says:
“I started collecting (Watkins memorabilia) in the spring of 2008, knowing absolutely nothing about them, but with the help of John Goplen, archivist at J.R. Watkins Naturals and the Watkins museum in Winona, and discovering the Watkins Collectors Club … I jumped into the arena of the 'Watkins collector.'"On display in the Watkins home are various bottles and tins that have been collected and donated, mostly by Manzow. When he is looking for items, he says he looks for “the oldest items that contain the markings 'The J.R. Watkins Medical Company.'"Those markings date the items prior to 1918, before the name was shortened to the J.R. Watkins Co. These items are more rare and command a higher price, but they are well worth the effort to uncover." 
More info about the Watkins House museum:

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Wow -- there are sure lots and lots of Watkins items to collect!

Some more Watkins links:


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