Decorating with Antique Bottles - A Trend Worth Pursuing

Decorating with Antique Bottles

Philadelphia Antiques Show report includes this tidbit about some antique bottles that sold as a grouping.

" A mid-Nineteenth Century worsted wool New England appliqu├ęd table mat hung on the back wall in the booth of Jeff and Holly Noordsy Art & Antiques, Cornwall, Vt. Below it, a long shelf held an assembled collection of 18 New England chestnut bottles blown between 1790 and 1820. "We put two collections together to make this group, paying strict attention to the shape of the bottle and the length of the neck," Jeff said. When all was said and done, the bottles were perfectly graduated and "we still had about another 18 to begin another graduated set." He added, "The bottles, including the shelf, sold to a collector who did not have any glass in his collection." " --Antiques and the Arts
My advice for bottle dealers who also set up at non-bottle antiques shows: Follow the Noordsy's example and take ready-to-install displays, groupings, and collections. You can sell to someone decorating their home, and to interior designers who are looking for something unique for their clients.

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