#Breweriana - $36,000 auction price for #vintage Gibbons Bock LP Cone Top beer can

$36,000 auction price for a vintage Gibbons Bock LP Cone Top beer can. 

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Wow - look at these completed auction prices from the Grenke Collection Breweriana Auction @ Morphy's - wow!

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551Gibbons Bock LP Cone Top. *
164-29. Very clean all around. Some light spots and scratches. Only on-grade example known. Proper cap. This is the holy grail of Bock cans. Fantastic condition!
Condition (1).
Estimate: 30,000.00 - 50,000.00
36,000.00 USD

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1161Iroquois Brewery Porcelain Corner Sign.
Exquisite and beautiful sign with wonderful bright colors and detail to Indian headdress. The sign is in fantastic condition with only very minor wear. One spot of wear to left side edge (on outside border) and one minor flaw to the second "I" in Iroquois. Rare to see any porcelain ...
Estimate: 20,000.00 - 40,000.00
31,200.00 USD

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1002Apache Export Beer LP Cone Top Beer Can.*
150-18. Near perfect body. Most of the finish remains on spout. Fantastic cone with great graphics. May be best known example.
Condition (A1+).
Estimate: 25,000.00 - 35,000.00
28,800.00 USD

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1176National Bohemian Bock LP Cone Top Beer Can.*
175-09. Like-new all around with only a tiny nick or two. "701" scratched in bottom. Most of the finish remains on spout. Ultra-rare and possibly one-of-a-kind.
Condition (A1++).
Estimate: 20,000.00 - 45,000.00
28,800.00 USD

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832Meister Brau Olive Drab Flat Top Beer Can.*
095-06. Relatively minor scratches and spots. Very high grade for OD can. Air sealed. Rare. Unique, one of a kind example.
Condition (1/1+).
Estimate: 12,000.00 - 18,000.00
21,600.00 USD

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1775Wm. J. Lemp's Buck Beer Lithograph.
St. Louis. Copyright 1886 by A. Lambrecht & Company. Nice graphics and detail throughout. Some crease marks below the "Wm." and through the "J. L". Also, some creasing along bottom edge. Displays beautifully. Professionally framed and matted. Library of Congress markings. Ultra-rare ...
Estimate: 15,000.00 - 25,000.00
21,600.00 USD

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1632Anheuser-Busch Bock Beer Elves & Goat Lithograph.
Extremely rare pre-prohibition lithograph with incredible graphics and detail throughout. Some very light crease marks to the left of the goat's head and some areas of scuffing through the Anheuser-Busch lettering in blue. Also, several stains across top lettering area and edge. ...
Estimate: 25,000.00 - 45,000.00
20,400.00 USD

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1351Krueger's Bock Beer Instructional Beer Can. * **
090-25. OI 485. Very clean all around. Bottom has been opened. Rare can. Super rare and possibly the best example known.
Condition (A1+).
Estimate: 18,000.00 - 23,000.00
19,200.00 USD

2 Images
707Tally Ho Beer Large Gillco Light-Up Sign.
Extremely rare and beautiful piece. 60% taller then a normal gilco cab light. Unique, may be only gilco cab light known in this larger size. Glass is clean overall with only light wear. Also, some paint chips along bottom edge but hard to detect when on display. Metal frame has ...
Estimate: 8,000.00 - 12,000.00
18,000.00 USD

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337Lion Beer Reverse Glass Corner Sign.
Beautiful pre-prohibition sign. Wonderful detail with nice original wooden backing and metal frame. Some wear around outer edges and frame but still a nice overall example. Unique and possibly one of a kind.
Condition (Excellent). Size 20" x 16".
Estimate: 12,000.00 - 15,000.00
16,800.00 USD

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1693Rheingold Pale Double Bock Beer Flat Top.
124-15. Very clean all around. Only very minor scratches, mostly at rims. Top condition. Rare can is probably the best example known.
Condition (A1+).
Estimate: 14,000.00 - 24,000.00
15,000.00 USD

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9Peter Doelger Bock Instruction Beer Can.* **
113-14. OI 674. Top condition. A few very minor scratches. Rare can. Bottom has been opened. Possibly best example of only three known.
Condition (1/1+ to A1+.
Estimate: 15,000.00 - 28,000.00
13,800.00 USD

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1520White Horse Pilsener Beer HP Cone Top Beer Can. *
189-03. Near perfect all around. A few tiny scratches. "701" inscribed on bottom. White Horse graphic on cap. Rare can is possibly the best example known.
Condition (A1+).
Estimate: 10,000.00 - 15,000.00
13,800.00 USD

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811Krueger Bock Beer Small Opener Instructional Can.
090-26. OI 487. Very clean all around. Only minor scratches and spots. Bottom has been opened. Rare and possibly unique high grade can. May be best example known. One of a kind in this condition.
Condition (1/1+).
Estimate: 15,000.00 - 25,000.00
12,600.00 USD

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1544Hornung's Bock Flat Top Green Beer Can. * **
084-01. OI 425 Minor humidity spotting, mostly on back. PA tax top. Bottom has been opened. Rare can is probably the best of the three known examples.
Condition (1 to 1/1+).
Estimate: 8,000.00 - 13,000.00
12,000.00 USD

1 Image
496Pocatello Carnation Bud Bottled Beer Tray.
Franklin & Hayes Brewing Company. Incredibly rare tray with beautiful graphic Indian portrait of Pocatello. Tray has nice, bright colors and displays well overall. Some light scuffing throughout and some wear to Pocatello's face. Possibly one of the best examples known.
Condition ...
Estimate: 8,000.00 - 14,000.00

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