End of an Era - No More Coca Cola in #Vintage #Bottles - Winona Bottler Selling Last Run

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Final Run of 6 1/2 oz Coke


Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Winona, Minnesota, the last producer of Coca-Cola in returnable 6 1/2 oz glass bottles (the iconic Coke bottle) in the United States, [made] a final production run on Tuesday, October 9, 2012.
This is the end of an era.

The last bottle was auctioned to the attendees, and sold for $2000.   

Filled individual bottles from this run will be sold beginning October 15th at the bottling plant at 102 Franklin St., in Winona.
Bottles are priced at $20 each, and all proceeds will be donated to the Lake Winona Bicycle and Pedestrian Path.  These are vintage bottles.  All predate 1960, and have been in circulation.  Expect some character (scuffs and other imperfections).
We are working on a way to distribute bottles by mail, and will have more details here shortly: http://cocacolawinona.wordpress.com/  Email questions:   cokewnmn@hbci.com
The Final Run took place today, October 9, 2012.   Here are a few photos.

[Editor's P.S.]

Free Publicity for Coca-Cola 

It's been noted that it's not really the "end" as other size glass bottles are still being filled in the U.S. The big deal about this plant is they were using vintage pre-1960s 6.5oz bottles.

So, saying it's the end if bottled Coke is wrong. But it sure makes for a lot of free publicity for Coke!
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