Keeley Remedies, Buckeye Brewery, Teakettle Inks: Antique Bottle Collecting Potpourri for May 2013

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Teakettle inkwells can be found in many beautiful colors and shapes, as well as clear, ceramic and pottery. Embossed glass ones are rare. Some of the pottery will have an advertising name on them. Occasionally one can be found with the English ink company name on a brass medallion fitted to the top of the bottle. The embossed American one we see most often is the aqua one with pen ledges and a patent date. Also pictured in this group is an aqua Butler’s ink which is considered hard to find. The barrel inks are thought to be American, whereas the others are of unknown maker for the most part. The figural ones such as snail, turtle, etc. are thought to be European. The problem with identifying the maker or ink company is that without embossing of any kind, the only way to know would be pictures from a glassmaker’s catalog or an old ad. I haven’t seen any pictured in a catalog. The only old picture I have seen is a ladies fashion plate picture dated 1839 in William Covill’s ink book.

"Just wanted to share the rare Lima Ohio milk bottle I scored recently -- TRPQ Gracely Dairy Farms. Shown here with the sq. hp Nordic Dairy I picked up last month, also rare. Both were ones I had never seen before, and I've been collecting Lima bottles for 15+ years. " --Marianne Dow

Here's a ''must-read'' --  Jack Sullivan's fun post about Bucky, the Buckeye Brewery mascot-come-to-life

Collection of colored Western amonia bottles. 

LEK / The Keeley Remedy bottles.

Have you checked out what's being posted, shared, discussed, and drooled over on the Facebook Bottle Collectors page?

Here are just a couple of those items to tease you:

  • Dennis Rogers shared his photo of a beautiful display of unembossed Western amonias.
  • Rick Hall shared these cool embossed Keeley Remedy bottles. They're cures for those nasty bad habits, you know: Drunkenness, Opium and Tobacco

Read Digger Odell's article about the Keeley bottles w/lots more pix. 

Keeley Remedy Google image search screen shot.
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