Why Join an Antique Bottle Collecting Club? For So Many Reasons

Why Join an Antique Bottle Collecting Club? 

That's a good question, one posed recently by the Association of Collecting Clubs (A.C.C. website: Collectors.org), the group that works to promote all kinds of hobby and collecting clubs.
Here's their list of 6,257 clubs -- yes, six thousand two hundred sixty seven collector clubs!
It is FREE to have your club listed, so head over there now and fill out the online form.
Then you will start getting their e-newsletters too, with updates about all kind of things that affect the collecting hobby, and impacts on clubs on shows.
We still haven't covered why you should join a collecting club. I could paraphrase, but the A.C.C. has summed it up quite well:
  • Collecting groups are an important segment of our antiques, art and collectibles community. All of these clubs have one basic thing in common - they exist to help collectors.
  • For many collecting areas, these clubs - and their members - represent the backbone of the knowledge base for the collecting area that group supports. They also provide connections to other collectors, and opportunities to develop friendships that can last a life time.
  • Clubs are a great resource for expanding a collector's knowledge about a collecting area, for finding new materials and for determining current values; even for selling your collectibles.
  • Most clubs encourage networking by offering annual conventions, sponsoring shows and social gatherings which bring club members together. Smaller geographic clubs often have monthly meetings. Combined, our collecting clubs have 10's of thousands of events every year!
  • In addition to the meetings and other events, many clubs issue member newsletters and journals and have a website and discussion forums.
  • A parallel mission to educating their membership for many clubs is that of researching, studying and documenting the various artifacts relating to the collecting area a particular club supports. Some clubs publish reference books and price guides and establish archives, educational exhibits and museums. Seminars, workshops and conferences are often a part of the club convention or show, and those having monthly meetings often have a speaker discussing a topic related to their collecting area.
  • Most clubs offer a pleasing balance between education, social and business. They often are the segment of the antiques, art and collectibles industry that keep collectors collecting.
Looking at the role of clubs more broadly, not only do collecting clubs support their memberships, but indirectly they strengthen the industry for the greater benefit of other segments - the auction houses and galleries, antique shops and malls, antique and collectible shows, collector publications, appraisers, restoration specialists and all other parts of this wonderful antiques and collectibles family.
Read the rest of the A.C.C.'s very good reasons to join a club here.

Now Go! Join a club! 

You can join the Findlay Antique Bottle Club here.

And to help keep the bottle collecting hobby strong, join the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors @ FOHBC.ORG

Then, of course, Go to a Show!  -- Happy Collecting!
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