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A little this, a little that, just some interesting bottle-bits to entertain and/or educate you collectors.

A while ago someone posted one of these odd shaped cobalt blue glass bottles on the Bottle Collectors Facebook page, looking for info. So I did some googling and put together that composite describing the Cremex Shampoo barber bottle. 

Sold by Edwards Harlene Company, Cremex was an English hair product sold as a powder, to be mixed up in the dispenser bottle.
In the mid-1880s, Goldstein founded the Edwards' Harlene Co., manufacturers of hair products, initially of 5 New Oxford Street and by late 1891 of 95 and 96 High Holborn, London. Harlene products were promoted through a series of large pictorial newspaper advertisements that made extravagant claims. One shows a woman with long flowing curly locks, claiming “Edwards' Harlene positively forces luxuriant hair, whiskers and moustachios to grow heavily within a few weeks without injury to the skin no matter what the age. The world-renowned remedy for baldness, from whatever cause arising. As a producer of whiskers and moustachios it has never been equalled. As a curer of weak or thin eyelashes, or restoring grey hair to its original colour, it never fails.” [Source]

Here are 2 more interesting hair product articles, both about the long-haired Sutherland Sisters Tonic.
  1. The Amazing 7 Sutherland Sisters by Ferdinand Meyer
  2. Untangling the Tale of the Seven Sutherland Sisters and Their 37 Feet of Hair by Lisa Hix

Pretty colored fruit jars sparkle in Jeff Klingler's window.

"What color do you think this is?" always sparks a heated discussion. Read about this interesting project on color measurement and setting glass color standards (on Peachridge Glass).

Listen to FOHBC Hall of Famer Bill Baab talking about antique bottles on Relic Roundup, American Diggers radio podcast show.

American Bottle Auctions has created a new auction house just for vintage marbles. Check out the website for American Marble Auctions. You'll find a growing archive of photos and articles, as well as exclusively vintage marble auctions.

Owner Jeff Wichmann says: 

"American Marble Auctions will offer just antique marbles (mid-20th century and before), not contemporary blown marbles."

“Selling marbles through Internet auctions is a complicated business. Presenting these historic and beautiful collectibles poses many challenges. We will combine the latest technology in graphics and bidding software to present the best pictures and descriptions as possible, with conservative grading. And each marble sold comes with a money-back guarantee.”

Read more in this informative article all about the new American Marble Auctions first big auction.

When most bottle collectors think of crown tops, they think of the traditional soda pop bottle mouth. [Learn about crown top sodas here.]

But there's another kind of crown top bottle, and it's the subject of a new book, “The Crown Top Book – German Porcelain Perfume Bottles, 1920-1939” by Pauline E. Turco.  

Nice to read that: "An entire chapter is devoted to Crown Top reissues, reproductions, fantasies and imposters with detailed information and comparative photos to assist in distinguishing the old from the new and the authentic from the shams." - Read the Antique Trader review (w/purchase info).

Charlie Perry reminds us that it's time for the WV bottle show:

West Virginia State Farm Museum Antique Bottle Show
Point Pleasant, West Virginia
Oct 5th, 2013 ... 9am to 3pm
Directions: 4 miles north of Pt Pleasant take Fairgrounds Road 1 mile to Museum.

 FREE Admission, Parking and Appraisals

Dealers Contact: Charlie Perry 2317 Jefferson Ave
Pt. Pleasant, WV 25550     304-675-2887 perrycola@suddenlink.net
or Contact: Heath Jenkins 500 Ward Rd.
Bidwell, OH 45614 ...... 740-388-869

Museum website -- the bottle show is Saturday the 5th, but the museum's Fall Festival runs the 5th and the 6th with lots more to do and see:

5 & 6---Country Fall Festival(WV State Farm Museum, 1458 Fairground Road) 9:00 am-5:00 pm.  Oct.5 only:  Antique Tractor Pull, 1:00 pm.; Gunslinger Shows at 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm.; On Sunday, Oct. 5: a Church Service will begin at 9:00 am and a Gospel Sing at 1:30 pm. The Museum Country Store and Country Kitchen will be open.  Annual country fall festival.  Gas and Steam Engine Show, working sawmill, CEOS Quilt Show, the Antique Bottle Show, and the Gravely Swap Meet.  Watch the making of sorghum, apple butter and apple cider (for sale).  Tour the 30 plus buildings on the grounds and see displays of vintage tractors, a military exhibit, General (the third largest horse ever to have lived) and much more.  Admission: Free. 

Also check out the West Virginia Bottles facebook page.
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