Dairy Photos For Ohio Milk Bottle Collectors ~ Bordens, Driggs, Willow Creek, Kelly's

Joe Clevenger sent in these neat dairy photos and info, with this note:
"I found some Ohio dairy pictures on the net. I paired the photos up with what information that I had and thought I would send it to you.
Lou and I were always mailing stuff like this back and forth. Now that he is gone I will try to send it to you for the newsletter." -- Joe
We're all still sad about losing Lou McFadden, author (with wife Sue) of OHIO'S DAIRIES.

Since the dairy photos above are screen shots, the text is part of the image. Top to bottom, they are:

  1. Willow Creek Dairy
  2. Driggs Dairy in Toledo
  3. Borden's in Akron and Newark
  4. Kelly's Dairy in Newark

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