19th Century San Jose ~ In a Bottle ~ New Bottle Collecting and History Book by Tobin Gilman

19th Century San Jose ~ In a Bottle ~ by Tobin Gilman

I wanted to share this new book for a couple of reasons. One, of course it's about bottle collecting. But I am really impressed with how nice it looks, and the fact that it is self-published. Very inspiring! All you historians, researchers, and writers should check it out. And of course you San Jose bottle collectors will enjoy it. Even non-San-Jose bottle collectors will like it, too -- lots of great photos.

Here's author Tobin Gilman's description:

 "19th Century San Jose In A Bottle," a historical view of daily life and commerce in San Jose, California in the 1800s, told through the prism of antique bottles from the area.

Available now, this book is packed with colorful stories and amazing photographs that take you back to the earliest days of San Jose. You will learn about the downtown druggists, the local breweries, the soda and mineral waters, and much more.

The glass bottles that San Jose's nineteenth century businesses used to package their products are spilling over with fascinating historical insights about the city's past that you won't learn anywhere else.

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Here's the Facebook page link -- https://www.facebook.com/19thCenturySanJoseInABottle

Here's the link to preview and buy the book. Gilman has used BLURB.com to self publish. Blurb is great, they have a program where you upload your book using their software, then you set your price, and post your book for sale on their site and they handle the payment and printing, and you get your commission.

Blurbs preview widget is very cool. You can flip through and see all the pages. Nice! Like I said, I'm feeling very inspired.

Here are a few screen shots -- go check it the rest of the book -- link.

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