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DR.LO. ZAMBELETTI / MILANO cobalt medicine bottle (photo from Mike Urbanski)

This beautiful bottle was posted on the Bottle Collectors Facebook page by Mike Urbanski. He was looking for any info about it. So, a-googlin' I went. [Link to the post.]

Sadly, there's no comma, so it's NOT from Milan, O., birthplace of Thomas Edison. Instead, it is from Farmacia Zambeletti.

Dr. Lodovico Zambeletti
Chemist & Druggist - Volume 40 - 1892

Farmacia Zambeletti was a very successful Italian pharmacy started in 1820 in Milan, Italy (Milano en Italia), by Cavaliere Zambeletti. It stayed in his family, eventually passing to our bottle's namesake, Dr. Lodovico Zambeletti, who continued to build the business into a large chain (which only just recently, in 2001, was bought by/merged with the giant international GlaxoWellcomeSmithKlineBeechamGroup monster corporation).

Merger info excerpt from an article about Zambeletti [in Italian here, and the English translation here]:

Found a fair amount of Zambaletti items online, esp. on ebay.it, but did not find another cobalt bottle, so I think we're safe to say it's not common.

Zambeletti pot crock from OintmentPots.com

Syringe and ampules boxed set from MedicAntica.com

Zamamina ad (from ebay.it) (and box from Delcampe)

1969 Zambaletti laboratory article.
Dropper bottle.

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