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2014's Jar Books Are Here!

Redbook #11 and Fruit Jar Annual 2015

Get these important additions to your reference library. Whether you're a newbie, or a long-time collector of fruit jars, you'll want these latest updates to 2 classic fruit jar guides.

They'll help with more than just values. These guides will help you identify which jars you have, and which ones you want to look for. Each one gives you different information to help you in curating your collection. The authors will share their insight from decades as collectors. They share some history, like who the jar was made for and/or by, known sizes and colors, info on embossing and closure variations, and more.

Here's a little more about each book, taken from their websites. Hit those links to BUY the books.


RED BOOK NO. 11 - The Collector’s Guide to Old Fruit Jars by Douglas M. Leybourne, Jr.

"The purpose of the book has never changed, “to list and describe, as accurately as possible, all the known varieties of fruit jars as well as provide guidance in the valuation of same”."

Red Book No. 11 offers many needed updates:

  • 35 Additional Pages
  • Over 500 New Additions and Revisions
  • Canadian, Australian, and Other Foreign Jars Widely Updated
  • Expanded Section On Reproduction Jars
  • Revised Pricing Based on Many Sources of Reference
  • Purchase directly from the author - BUY LINK


That's Jerry McCann on the right (with Joe Coulson).

FRUIT JAR ANNUAL 2015 - The Guide to Collecting Fruit Jars - Published by Jerry McCann

All-new and expanded, the HUGE new 2015 edition contains 380 pages, featuring...

  • Comprehensive PRICE GUIDE of fruit jars and related packer jars.
  • Cross referenced with Dick Rollers STANDARD FRUIT JAR REFERENCE
  • Listing information on availability, closures and history in the glass houses that manufactured or jobbed the jars.
  • 380 Pages Packed with Comprehensive Listings & Values
  • 7 Feature Articles by Barry Bernas, Ton Caniff, Bill Lockhart, and Jerry McCann
  • Fruit Jar Collector Directory
  • Softbound, spiral bound with 380 easy-to-read pages, with photos, drawings and period ads.

TABLE OF CONTENTS for 2015 Edition:
2.....From the Publisher
4.....Dr. Robert Arthur
14....C. Burnham & Co.
32....Label Space Extra - Dog Food & The War
38....Everett Glass Companies/Everett, Pennsylvania
52....What Fruit Jars did Everett Glass Co. Produce?
65....News Briefs – Useful Information
73....William Fenn’s Carrie Nation Water Bottle
77....The Fruit Jar Price Guide
330...Appendix A: Decorative Packers’ Jars
343...Appendix B: “Art Deco” Design Patented Jars
359...“Art Deco” Design Patented Jars Not Found
363...The Fruit Jar Collector Directory

This invaluable reference guide is offered direct from the publisher Jerry McCann to customers of North American Glass

Available for 55.00 plus shipping. BUY LINK

Bonus -- To show you a taste of what the articles are like, here are images of an article from last year's 2014 Fruit Jar Annual. (Click each page to enlarge.)

E.S. MORRIS & CO. by Jerome McCann, about the rare E.S. Morris & Co. Sweet Palm Oil half pint jar.

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  1. Hello! I would not say I am a jar collector, but I recently purchased the following jar and was wondering if you might shed some light on its history and possible worth:

    Atlantic City

    It is a small clear glass jar with what appears to be the original top and to the left of the name Ackers it has the letter A encircled with a wreath.

    Any information you may be able to provide to me would be much appreciated.



    1. Ackers was a candy store. See picture here:
      See jar sold price here:


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