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[Thought I'd rerun this 2009 post for Halloween.]

It's always good news when bottles and bottle collecting are the focus of the Antique Week paper's cover story. It is so great to see our wonderful hobby front and center.

It is an article about English Poison Bottles, written by David McCormick. [Read the article here.] It has several colorful photos of bottles on the front page, and the back page of the 1st section of the paper.

There is no way that anyone will miss the nice big pix. And hopefully will think "Hey -- another bottle article -- this must be a happening category -- I want to know more!"

Mr. McCormick put down the AntiqueBottles.com website down as a reference for his article -- here's the link to the site's POISON page -- http://www.antiquebottles.com/poison/

Check out their Poison Bottle Hall of Fame for pix of some really cool Poison bottles -- skulls, cobalts, and more -- http://www.antiquebottles.com/poison/fame.html

Here's their American Poison Bottle book link -- http://poisonbottleclub.org/otherpages/bottlebook.html

Thanks to Antique Week, David McCormick, and all the hobbyists, collectors, and dealers who take the time to share and support this fantastic hobby.

And Happy Halloween to all you bottle collectors!

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