First Let's Kill All the Ad Men: Uncle Sam, Shakespeare and the Mad Men ~ Vintage Whiskey and Beer Advertising

Happy Bardday!

In honor of William Shakespeare's birthday celebration (Born April 23, baptised on April 26), I thought I'd rerun this post about the use of Shakespeare and Uncle Sam in vintage whiskey ads. 

On Facebook I posted a link to this great blog called  BOTTLES, BOOZE, AND BACK STORIES by Jack Sullivan. 

"he who... robs me of my bottle... makes me poor indeed."

I really enjoyed Jack's post called "Merchandising Shakespeare", showing several antique Victorian advertising tradecards from whiskey and beer companies that used the Bard to peddle and pitch their wares.

Says Jack:
I can imagine Shakespeare altering his own famous line about lawyers in Henry VI, Part 2.  It would become:
“First let’s kill all the ad men.”
Be sure to explore the BOTTLES, BOOZE, AND BACK STORIES archives for lots of bottles and advertising info and images.

Or perhaps you'd rather read Shakespeare's lines that mention drinking? Then check out The Boozy Bard (read some pages on Amazon).
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