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Dr. E. L. Welbourn: A Hustler of Wide Experience
Joe Clevenger
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Union City Times-Gazette, Wednesday, November 12, 1947
Welbourn Rites Are Held Today At Los Angeles
Funeral services for Mrs. Malinda J. Welbourn, 87, widow of Dr. E. L. Welbourn and a former resident of Union City, who died Sunday at a hospital in Van Nuys, Calif., were held this afternoon at Los Angeles, Calif. Burial was in Forest Lawn cemetery at Los Angeles.
The death of Mrs. Welbourn followed an eight weeks' serious illness from a heart ailment and complications resulting from a broken hip.
A resident of the Union City vicinity most of her life, she was born on September 23, 1860, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Gettinger. Following her education in Randolph and Jay county schools, she was married to Dr. Welbourn, whose death occurred in California about 20 years ago.
For 40 years she resided at the home which was formerly the residence of Governor Isaac P. Gray, corner of West Oak and Union streets, Union City. Mrs. Welbourn sold that home to Dr. Leroy B. Chambers for office use two years ago, before making her permanent residence in Van Nuys, Calif.

Surviving are three sons, Dr. Marshall Welbourn, who resides in California; Raymond, of South Bend, Ind., and Dr. Leland Welbourn, of Van Nuys; two daughters, Dr. Pina Welbourn and Roxie J. Welbourn, both of Van Nuys; one step-son, Dr. Carl Welbourn, of Los Angeles; several grandchildren; three sisters, Mrs. H. R. Roush, Mrs. Carl Thornburg and Mrs. Minnie Lindley, and a brother, B. F. Gettinger, all of the Union City community. One step son, Edward, and a sister, Mrs. Wesley Mangas, are deceased.

Their son:
DR. OCLASCO C. WELBOURN was born January 28, 1871, near New Paris, Ohio, during the temporary residence of his parents on a farm. He passed his boyhood and youthful years in Union City, Indiana, attending the schools of the city, and in 1888 was a student at Bethany College. In 1889 he entered the Eclectic Medical College of Cincinnati, from which he graduated in 1891, and during his three years study took a special course in diseases of the eye and ear, as well as private instruction and clinical practice as an extra course. Since his graduation he has been an
assistant to his father as manufacturing chemist, and is now a partner, under the firm name of Dr. E. L. Welbourn & Son. 
Dr. O. C. Welbourn was married in 1892, to Miss Daisy AL. Coldren, of Union City. His residence, one of the best in Union City, is directly across the street from his father's, and is the first and only one heated by hot water in Union City.
In 1899, he began a two years' tour of the world. In Paris, he took a special course in operative gynecology under the celebrated Dr. Samuel Pozzi. He also worked in England under the eminent surgeon, Mr. Charles Stonham. Upon his return to California in 1901, Dr. Welbourn located in Los Angeles and became medical director of the Deaconess Hospital. Death: 06 MAR 1956 in Los Angeles, California [Source]

Another bio [source]:
0C. WELBOURN, M. D. During the few 
years which mark the period of Dr. O. C. 
, Welbourn's professional career he has met 
with gratifying success, and though his residence 
in Long Beach dates back scarcely six j'ears, he 
has won the good will and patronage of many of 
the families of this place. He is a great student 
and endeavors to keep abreast of the times in 
everything pertaining to medical science, taking 
the leading journals devoted to the discussion of 
"the ills to which flesh is heir," and the treat- 
ment thereof Progressive in his ideas and favor- 
ing modern methods as a whole, he does not dis- 
pense with many of the true and tried systems 
which have stood the test of years. 

His father was Dr. E. L. Welbourn, who was 
actively engaged in medical practice in Union 
City, Ind., for many years, and was one of the most 
influential and respected citizens of that section. 
The birth of our subject occurred in that place 
twenty-nine years ago, and there he passed the 
days of his youth. He received his elementary 
education in the public schools and subsequently 
it was his privilege to pursue a course in the 
higher branches of learning at Bethany College, 
in West Virginia. He then began the study of 
medicine, for from his early years he had mani- 
fested unusual aptitude in everything relating to 
his father's profession, and under his guidance 
had laid the foundations of medical knowledge. 
After taking a thorough course in the Cleveland 
(Ohio) Eclectic Medical College and being grad- 
uated from there in 1S91, he gave several years 
to practice in the hospitals in order to better 
equip himself for his subsequent duties. In 1894 
he came to Long Beach, where he established an
office. Within a very short time he wou the 
coufidence of the people and his practice has 
steadily increased, until his time now is fully 
occupied and he rarely has any leisure. 

That Dr. Welbourn stands high among his 
professional brethren is shown by the fact that 
for the past four years he has been honored with 
the responsible position of secretary of the South- 
ern California Medical Association and of the 
State Medical Association. His handsome suite 
of offices is in the Long Beach Bank building. 
He has erected a pretty, modern residence for his 
family and is prospering in every way. Socially 
he possesses those qualities of mind and heart 
which rarely fail of winning friends. Fraternally 
he belongs to the Knights of Pythias, the Macca- 
bees and the Woodmen of the World. He also 
has been identified with the Masonic order for 
some time and stands high in the estimation of 
his brother Masons. 

Eight years ago Dr. Welbourn married Miss 
Daisy L. Vinson, who was born and reared in 
Kentucky, and who is a lady of amiable qualities 
and excellent attainments. They have one child, 
a little daughter, Hester L- by name. In the 
domestic circle the doctor finds his chief pleasure, 
and like the majority of California householders 
he spends considerable time in the beautifying of 
his property and in keeping his flowers and lawn 
in fine condition. 

Here are a couple photos of Billy Tibbets' drugstore in Union City, Indiana, but that's a whole other rabbit hole to go down some other day.

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