Rare Findlay Ohio Token E. Bacher Union Saloon Sells for $321

E. BACHER / UNION SALOON / Sold for $321

This rare Civil War era trade token was for a long time incorrectly attributed as being from Cincinnati. Even though Thomas Schade found the correct info back in 1984, where it was printed in the "Copperhead Courier: Journal of the Civil War Token Society"
it apparently took someone googling the more recent scans of old newspapers to get the ''token officializers'' to make the correction online.

E. Bacher is well known to Findlay collectors by the many surviving bottles, but the token is a scarce one. Bacher sold the UNION EATING SALOON in 1866. He then was in business with his Findlay Bottling Works.

Here is Joe Terry's 2011 article about Findlay's Ernest Bacher and his bottle patents.

PDF article is embedded above. Or read it here.

Here's Schade's 1984 note to the journal:
"Fall 1984 Page 25
letter to the editor... 

Dear Mr. Mumford, 

I am writing to you in regards to new information uncovered on 
a Civil War Storecard. The token is Fuld #165-1, E. Bacher, Union 
Saloon, listed under Cincinnati, Ohio. I believe this token to be from 
Findlay, Ohio. 

According to my records, E. (Ernest) Bacher was a German 
immigrant who came to Hancock County, Ohio in 1858. From 1863- 
1866, he owned the Union Eating Saloon at 232 S. Main St., Findlay, 
Ohio. Bacher sold the business to Robert Timmerman, but the 
saloon name and location remained the same. Records show that 
again Bacher regained ownership of the saloon in 1873-74. After this 
Bacher went on to own the Findlay Bottling Works and two ice 
houses. E. Bacher was a resident of Findlay during and well after 
his business career. 

The above information came from court house records, 
newspapers, and city directories. The early Bradstreet books that I 
have access to, lists E. Bacher under Findlay, Ohio and not Cin- 
cinnati. I believe the word Eating was omitted on the token because 
of space limitations. I’m in the process of researching this further, 
however I strongly feel this token will be attributed to its probable 
home of Findlay, Ohio. Thank you. 

Sincerely yours, 
Thomas N. Schade #1617"
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