Fizzy Origins of the Torpedo Shape Soda Bottle

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Fun article on history of TORPEDO BOTTLES (read it here).

"Torpedo shaped bottles appear… at the end of the 18th century. The glass bottles made at the time were often not strong enough to contain the pressure of the gas and could explode (the bottom blew off). Glass capable of holding fizzy liquids was only made in Britain at the time and was very expensive; as a result it was reserved for expensive liquids such as Champaign. The torpedo shape allowed cheaper glass to maintain the necessary strength to hold carbonated drinks."

And of course someone then invented the “torpedo bottle stand”, even though torpedo bottles were designed not to stand up.

"The majority of these bottles - round bottomed or torpedo - date from the 1870s to the 1910s." [Source:]

Learn more the history on that explosive FIZZ, read "And All That Fizz!"

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