Insurance for Antique / Vintage Collector & Dealers

I received this email recently, and thought it was worth posting here.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has experiences with any collectibles insurance companies.

subject: Offer your members a discount on collector & dealer insurance

Collectibles Insurance Services, LLC insures over 18,000 collectors & dealers nationwide. We insure all types of collectibles. Typically our customers believe their collections are covered by their homeowners insurance until they have a loss and find that homeowners insurance does not adequately cover their collection.

As a member based group, we can offer your members 5% off the first term premium. Simply forward this email to your members &/or post to your website/forum. Be sure members reference your group and this email when calling or sending in an application. More information, quotes and applications are available at

Please call or email me with any additional questions regarding the insurance program.

Annemarie Fitzpatrick, Sales Director
Collectibles Insurance Services, LLC
11350 McCormick Road, Suite 700
Hunt Valley, MD 21031
410-876-8833 X 232
Insuring today’s treasures from tomorrow’s tragedy

California license no. 0F82785
In Michigan dba Collectibles Insurance Agency Services LLC
In New York dba Collectibles Services Insurance Agency, LLC

The Findlay Bottle Club is not associated with this company -- I just thought it was something interesting to share with fellow collectors.

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