Advertising Your Antique Bottle Business Helps to Promote the Hobby Too = A Win/Win

Flipping through last week's Antique Week trade paper, I turned the page to see this big, beautiful full-color 2-page spread that made me instantly say "Wow!"

It's from the folks at GLASS WORKS AUCTIONS, who also publish the informative ANTIQUE BOTTLE & GLASS COLLECTOR MAGAZINE.

I want to commend them for adding to their years of supporting the antique bottle collecting hobby by paying for this awesome advertisement. Now I know, they are promoting their business. But that ad does more than self-promote. It puts the concept of bottle collecting front and center to anyone who sees it.

Maybe bottles weren't really on the viewers collecting/selling radar, but a big ad like this cries out "Hey, this is a colorful exciting legitimate collecting field that you might want to check out!"

The Glass Works folks even put in a page with pix and prices of their recent record-making bottle sales. This will certainly inspire readers to double check their basements and garages, and to keep their eyes open when they are out treasure-hunting.

I'd be willing to bet this ad will add a few new collectors to the hobby -- and that is a much needed thing. In this day, with the economy, and dwindling bottle club memberships, it is great to see someone investing in their business, especially when it is the business of collecting and selling lovely antique bottles.

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