Bottle Diggers Need to Be Careful and Not Dig Alone

Another sad note in today's news:
A WVa man died digging for bottles earlier this week. James Truchan was crushed when his dump site caved in on him. Our condolences to his family. RIP, Mr. Truchan.
Last month we reported on another dig accident:
WILMINGTON, NC - A man recently had his privy hole collapse and trap him. Fortunately he's fine.

There are several fire crews and police officers on the scene in downtown Wilmington for this rescue effort.
Fortunately, not all the digging news is bad.
Here's a new book ‎for diggers and divers: Hunting #Antiques #Bottles in Marine Environment field guide -
A milk bottle cache was found @Jersey Pride Dairy, Columbia TN

About 50 dirt-caked glass bottles of different ages, sizes and colors sat in the mid-afternoon sun on Friday.
But wait - there's more Digging News-Bits!
American Digger Magazine shared their good news. They are involved behind-the-scenes with a new reality tv show about relic digging called -- yep -- American Digger!
"There is treasure buried in the backyards of everyday Americans but they just don't know it… until now.  "American Digger" follows former professional wrestler turned modern day relic hunter Ric Savage, as he and his team from American Savage target areas such as battlefields and historic sites in the hopes of striking it rich and capitalizing on unearthing and selling bits of American history." Read more about the show here.
Here's a bonus from American Digger Mgazine -- read this huge article sampler free online now!
Announcing....American Digger online! A 100 page sampler issue of articles and artifacts from the pages of the the 2010 issues. Volume 6. Share with your friends who haven't yet discovered American Digger - the best magazine for recovering history! Include hyperlinks to make easy to visit our advertisers and get the tools and equipment, books and relics you want!
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