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Inside a bottle collector's brain?
There are 1/2-a-dozen major #antiques #bottles auctions occuring now. How's your credit? Cuz we're talking serious $$$ for these rarities! But when will some of these gems be available again? May be decades from now...

The Thomas McCandless Collection | Peachridge Glass
With at least five (5) bottle auctions happening now (read September Auction Round-Up) including American Bottle Auctions, Glass Works, Heckler, North American Glass and the upcoming Pole Top/Glass Discoveries it is easy to lose sight of the big Thomas McCandless Collection coming up in three (3) se...
The AntiqueTrader ran an article about the McCandless collection too -- More great news coverage of the antique bottle collecting hobby by Antique Trader.

Antique Trader - Washington portrait flask in antique bottle and flask auction
Heckler Auction of the McCandless collection - Washington portrait flask valued at $20,000 highlights antique bottle and flask auction -
Be sure to read the Peachridge Glass Blog regularly -- Ferdinand Meyer covers the hobby and has awesome photos. Here's a couple more of his recent posts:
Hinks Inks: Massive labeled ink bottle collection pix via #antiques #bottles

Hinks Inks – Post 1 | Peachridge Glass
I had always heard that John Hinkle collected labeled inks. It wasn't until I saw his phenomenal display at the FOHBC Memphis 2011 Show and Sale did I really understand that This Guy Collects labeled inks! With close to 1,500 hundred examples, John certainly has an impressive collection.
More great colrful flasks pix on #antiques #bottles

Peachridge Glass's Photos
Corn for the World Historical Flasks
This postcard was listed on ebay -- Jim Whetzel's #antiques #Bottles Shop in NY ca1960s Postcard - Blast from the past! -
New bar in Seattle decorated w/ #antiques #bottles & #vintage barware -- Canon Seattle

Jamie Boudreau's Canon is a Booze Enthusiast's Toyland
Click here to view the full photogallery.[Photos: Eater Seattle] To say that Jamie Boudreau likes collecting things would be a comical understatement. And now the well-regarded local barman has a...
Here's a new book for #Vintage #antiques #Perfume #bottles collectors - Glamour Icons - full of gorgeous pix. Read more here: 

Glamour Icons - Perfume Bottle Book -
Wouldn't you love to go through these 1907 #antiques #bottles?! (photo) Western whiskeys and beers in Goldfield NV (it's a ghost town now)
Here's another great old photo postcard that was also on ebay:
Oh, to think of all the #antiques whiskey #bottles used for target practice! Real photo-postcard sold on ebay for $17

#Antiques #Bottles Diggers -- Tell Your Stories!
Received this note from American Digger Magazine:
Hello Findlay Bottle Club!We enjoy receiving your newsletters.I wanted to remind your club that American Digger welcomes articles about digging bottles, dating them and/cleaning techniques. Lots of readers love collecting bottles and we'd like to give them more articles. Also photos of recently recovered bottles for our Just Dug section....

Wabash Bottle Show - Contracts Available for Nov. 19/20 Show
Here's the flyer for another upcoming bottle show -- the Wabash Club's Illiana Bottle Show and Auction - Nov 18 & 19 in Terre Haute, Indiana. They have an auction on Friday, and the show is on Saturday.Contact Ed Newman for contracts and details --  -- get your contracts in because the tables are going quickly!Link to the show venue -  for maps/directions.
Coors Beer Bottle Collection
Another postcard seen on ebay: 100 years of #Antiques #vintage Coors beer bottles collection
Digger shares pix/story of Construction site finds #antiques #bottles
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