Fruit Jar Collectors to Take Special Tour of Minnetrista to See Rare Ball Jars

From our Inbox:

Dick Cole writes to tell us about the Midwest Fruit Jar Club's next meeting (Sunday Nov. 4, 2012). It will be a super special occasion, as the club is getting a guided behind-the-scenes- private tour of the Minnetrista's Heritage Collection (in Muncie Indiana) which includes many truly rare Ball Jar items and Ball Brothers memorabilia.

Check out photos of the collection items here, then contact Dick asap to request what you want to see brought out for the tour. Hurry, it's only a week away. This is an amazing opportunity. If you've been meaning to go to a Midwest Fruit Jar Club meeting, this is the one to attend.

"... We will have a guided tour of the Minnetrista’s Heritage Collection.  Karen Vincent, Director of Collections, has graciously volunteered to put any item that we request in advance out on display, just for us to see.
So far, the requests have been:
·         KKK jar
·         Fiery Cross fragment·         Ed Ball building portrait plaque·         Ball Ideal with ramp closure (SFJR #102)
If anyone else who is planning on attending the November meeting (Sunday, November 4) wants to see something else, let me know in advance.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Dick Cole
Vice-President and Head Librarian

Sunday, Nov. 4th @ 1:30 pm is the Muncie Fruit jar club meeting. They are having a private guided tour of the Minnetrista's fruit jars and Ball Bros items that are not out on display.  If you're interested, they said anyone can go. It's a pretty special deal. Free, too. 

Map and directions here --

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