More Muncie January 2012 Pix - Bruce Schank's Display of Colorful BALL Fruit Jars

Bruce Schank writes:

"I also did a jar display at the Sunday Show appropriately titled "Jar Bling." It was a Smash Hit with everyone and I came away with the Dealers Choice Award and Peoples Choice Ribbon. Many Thanks to all those who voted for me and I'm very appreciative of those Awards. I did my best to show what is really out there in the world of colored Ball jars.

"This photo was taken with my cell phone. The 6th jar from the left (qt, olive-amber 234) was the score at Muncie and incredibly the the solid pour to the left of Black Bart was the incredible trade item that came my way!

"Just so everyone understands what they are in fact looking at; the 1st (5) five pint jars on the left in the photo are 4 Liners. Ball Improved MasonsPatent 1858. The left most solid pour is also a 4 Liner. All of the other jars and the right most solid pour are all 234's."

Bruce also sent in this nostalgic photo of him at his sales table at the at the Oakland NJ bottle show on 11/8/87. 

"All I can say is, man I actually had hair once :) By the way, I was President of the north Jersey antique bottle collectors association at that time."
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